CzechRepublic - 2 to 5 July 1997


We arrived in Brno by train on July 3. After checking into our hotel and wandering around the historic area of the town we returned to the train station to meet Elvira. Here we were -- two people from Chicago, IL, USA waiting on a train platform in Brno, Czech Republic for our:"daughter" from Pecs, Hungary!!

Klara accompainied us to an exhibition of her grandfather, Bodan Lacina's, paintings and served us strawberries & cream.

On to Hungary!
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Martin, Klara and David at the 
Brno train stationAt the Brno train station

Klara and her sister Marketa

From under the portico of the Brno cathedral

The "cabbage market" in BrnoThe Brno "cabbage market"

Brno was an interesting blend of an older historic core surrounded by modern industry. Obviusly more than cabbages were sold in the "cabbage market" square!

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