As you walk around the historic center of Canterbury, you can almost hear the bawdy voices of Chaucer's pilgrims telling their tales[ and enjoying the pleasures of the town]. Lucky David! He got to live here for 7 weeks! WITH indoor plumbing! We toured the cathedral privately with one of the resident canons who was very generous with his knowledge of the history and reconstruction of the building. Standing in the very place Thomas a Beckett was murdered was a sobering experience. The memorial is a very modern one, relying on light and shadow to complete the image of the 4 swords plunged into Beckett.


Canterbury Cathedral

Above: History is everywhere in Canterbury!
Left: The entrance gate to the cathedral grounds.

Above: Canterbury High Street leading toward Westgate.
Right: The cathedral cloister.

David and a few of his Christ Church College colleagues
at The Red Lion Pub in Stodmarsh.