Summer in Macedonia - 1999
skopje galichnik osogovski matka panteleimon
eastern europe home

While the main focus of our three and a half weeks in Macedonia was our teaching at the OSI summer school "The Image of the Other," we began and ended the trip visiting Natalija's family. David hadn't seen them since our 1997 trip, although he saw all three "daughters" in Budapest last December. The food was, a usual, wonderful. Here is a recipe for pindzur from Natalija's baba Nada!

The summer school was a wonderful experience. Plenty of time to think and share with many "others". And we partied too!

above: Natalija and her grandparents
right: Ilija wearing the tie from David

left: David, Natalija & Klara in Ploshtad Makedonija
below: Niki and Klara at the airport