Baba Nada's recipe for Pindzur
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Baba Nada and her daughter, Ruzha, are *excellent* cooks. Pindzur is not the creamy completely addicting roasted pepper relish/spread that ajvar is, but the recipe starts the same way and it has its own charms! Here is baba Nada's recipe for pindzur.

1 kilo peppers roasted and peeled
1 eggplant roasted and peeled
2-3 tomatoes [roasted or raw]
1-2 cloves of garlic ground with salt
2-3 walnuts [ground]
1. Chop peppers
2. Put them through a food mill and add them to the garlic and walnuts
3. Follow the same procedure with the eggplant and the tomatoes [chop and put through food mill]
4. Add a little oil, preferrably sunflower, either heated or cold
5. Serve with bread and white cheese