MACEDONIA - 16-21 July 1997

Nata's mother, Ruza, Nata, her brother Niki and her father Ilija at the Pantelmeion Monastery on a hill overlooking Skopje 

We spent a much-needed day with just the two of us in Vienna, before heading off to Skopje, MK and hospitality Balkan-style! We stayed with Natalija and her family in their apartment on the outskirts of Skopje. Again we were overwhelmed by the warmth and acceptance of us as members of the family. Nata's mom, Ruza, went out of her way to cook traditional Macedonian foods and yes the wine was wonderful too! Macedonia is struggling to join the world community on its own terms and the stress shows, but our memories are of a beautiful land, wonderful people and those tomatoes!! [See Reflectionsfor our thoughts on Macedonia.]
After two days in Skopje we drove to Lake Ohrid [near the Albanian border]. On the way we stopped at another monastery. [Altogether we saw approximately 7 historic Macedonian Orthodox Churches and are now "experts" on Macedonian icons and iconostasesand the politics of religion in the region] As for Lake Ohrid itself...In this case the picture is worth a thousand words! We stayed with family friends in an old house right between St. Sophia's and the central area. We could see the lake from the house! [On a more serious note there continue to be border incidents near Ohrid.]

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Lake Ohrid 

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