PRAGUE, CZ --22-25 July 1997
Prague was our final stop before returning home. We arrived from Vienna via Tyrolean Air [yodeling optional] rather than train because of the continuing floods.After seeing Hradcany [the castle district] on a city tour, we explored Stare Mesto [Old Town] on foot. We attended a concert at the Klementinum, a baroque chapel with pink and grey marble, loads of cherubs, mirrors and gold trim. 

Food? Still good. If you get homesick try Red Hot & Blues. Ate creole food with a bottle of Czech Frankovka! Talk about cultural dissonance... We had a wonderful time with Klara who joined us for the last day of a trip into an old world becoming new.

Karlov Most in the early morning fog...

On the morning of our second day in Prague we woke up to find the city "missing" in a blanket of fog! We walked to Karlov Most [the famous Charles Bridge] and enjoyed the mysterious silence.

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