We're back after three and a half incredible weeks in Czech Republic, Hungary and Macedonia [with two brief stops in Vienna]. What follows are some of our experiences, reflections and pictures... And here is how we met them!

The hospitality we experienced from the families of our "daughters" was overwhelmingly warm and generous. The food was delicious and all too plentiful. And the wine!!!! What is my most vivid memory? The tomatoes in Macedonia!! They were sooooo good! [Just cut into wedges with small slivers of white onion and a little oil...nothing else!]

While the floods in Central Europe had a minimal impact on us [We had to travel by air to Prague at the end, rather than by train], the images on the television news were very disturbing. Klara was tired the day she joined us in Prague because she and others from her church had spent the previous day helping some of the flood victims near Brno.

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