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ABOVE: The image on the side of the "airbus", which stopped conveniently near our hotel. It is as close as we got to "big ben" alas!
Our main reason for being in London was to attend a 3 day conference, "Macedonia, Macedonias", held at the School of South Slavic and Eastern European Studies at the University of London. [Sally had attended an earlier conference at SSEES on Kosovo in March 2000]. 

The current situation in Macedonia became the focus of a conference planned over a year ago.  The conference program was LONG, but filled with information and perspectives that were very helpful given the ongoing problems in the region.

While the ethnic Albanians from Macedonia cancelled because of the situation, there were speakers and participants from Serbia,  Russia, Bulgaria and Greece, as well as Macedonia and the United Kingdom. Participants included professors, NGO workers, government officials and journalists.

Dining at Bertorelli's on Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia with two of our young Macedonian friends. The food and conversation were excellent!

David with Nena, our friend from the first SSEES conference that Sally attended. Nena was the "conference administrator" and busy beyond belief!
Dijana's "just desserts" :)