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ABOVE: Inside the Southwark station on the new Jubilee line. For Sally's March 2000 pictures of this line click HERE.
On our one free morning we went to the new "Tate Modern" art museum, housed in the former Battersea power station and located on the formerly unchic "Southbank."

The exhibits are thematically arranged and there is plenty of public space -- but I found the walking involved to be too much, particularly after the walk to the museum from the Southwark tube station. I also thought the building was ugly -- but then David liked it! So decide for yourself:)

ABOVE: Tate Modern from near the entrance

RIGHT: The entrance for Tate Modern -- you can see St. Paul's vaguely on the left.

ABOVE: St. Paul's Cathedral and the Millenium Bridge -- still closed!

LEFT: Looking towards the entrance inside Tate Modern