* Bandelier National Monument
* The image is of a petroglyph on the walls of Frijoles Canyon, where the Anasazi once lived.

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On our last morning before we drove back to catch our flight home at Albuquerque, we visited Bandelier National Monument. This is the view of Frijoles Canyon at the overlook just before you descend to the Visitors' Center in the canyon itself.
While Bandelier is best known for the cave dwellings in the cliffs, there was also the Tyuonyi Pueblo in the canyon itself. The pueblo formed a circle with a large public plaza at the center. The canyon was first shown to the anthroplogist Adolph Bandelier in 1880 by people from the nearby Cochiti Pueblo. They told him that the people who had lived here [from about 600 A.D.to 1600 A.D.] were their ancestors .

A more complete view of the Tyuonyi Pueblo plaza. To see the plaza in winter click here.

The erosion of the soft volcanic rock called tuff created natural caves, which the Anasazi then enlarged to create living and ceremonial spaces.