* The Anasazi Cliff Dwellings
* The image is of a petroglyph on the walls of Frijoles Canyon, where the Anasazi once lived.

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One of the caves that the Anasazi enlarged into a living space. The walls were plastered with clay. In many cases the caves were the back rooms for houses built in front of the caves made from talus, or rock debris, found at the base of the canyon walls. No one really knows why the Anasazi abandoned their settlement here, but the suspicion is that they may have depleted the soil and the hunting in the canyon.

Up in the cliffs, where some of the Anasazi made their home. The inhabited caves were on the south side of the canyon to catch the winter sun.

Sally trying out her new "condo" -- Some decorating seems in order...

A closeup of the eroded surface of the cliffs.
It is hard not to see a "picture" in the stone.

A view of the Tyounyi pueblo from the cliffs.
The large central plaza is clearly visible.

The first of four ladders leading to the Ceremonial Cave. high up in the cliff. Sally made it to the base of the second ladder before chickening out!

One of the most pleasant aspects of visiting Bandelier is walking though the woods in the canyon.There are many longer trails beyond the archeological "loop."