* New Mexico -- Fall 1997
* The image is of a petroglyph on the walls of Frijoles Canyon, where the Anasazi once lived.

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We traveled to Santa Fe for the annual meeting of The American Society for Aesthetics. While we attended some excellent sessions [A conversation between feminist artist Judy Chicago and feminist art critic Lucy Lippard and a meditation on "Shades of Blue" were among the highlights. David's paper on "Aesthetics & Ethics" went well too!], we have to admit that our central focus was the stunning environment, the native cultures and EATING!

Food first! We had an exceptional dinner at The Anasazi Restaurant [In The Inn of the Anasazi, named for, and partly owned and run by, the Anasazi, whose tribe were the predecessors of the pueblo Native Americans.] On the last night we ate at Corn Dance Café, which specializes in Native American foods. Not as good as Anasazi, but delicious and in pleasant surroundings. In Taos we ate lunch at La Folie, an over-the-top postmodern bistro with an southwestern/asian flair. Sally also ate lunch in Santa Fe at the local hangout, Tia Sophia's, where her server was dressed as a nun! It *was* halloween.... but she looked and acted the part!

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