* The Road to Taos
* The image is of a petroglyph on the walls of Frijoles Canyon, where the Anasazi once lived.

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We took the main road to Taos stopping at San Francisco de Asis, the church in Ranchos de Taos made famous by the paintings of Georgia O'Keefe. The church is easy to miss as it is set back and faces away from the road. It is a foolhardy photographer that tries to capture the rounded, almost corporeal, presence of the church. So we tried anyway!
The church, locked to the casual visitor, is still used for masses, weddings and funerals. In fact, as we learned later from a gallery owner, there was to be a funeral that afternoon for one of the many artists who reside and work in Taos.
The terrain between Santa Fe and Taos is varied and spectacular. The drama of driving through the Rio Grande Canyon is rivaled by seeing the same canyon as a "gash" in the land as you get closer to Taos.