* The Turquoise Trail
* The image is of a petroglyph on the walls of Frijoles Canyon, where the Anasazi once lived.

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We picked up our rental car in Albuquerque and headed east until the turnoff for SR14 and The Turquoise Trail. This road wanders though a number of small historic New Mexican towns. Golden, was the site of the first gold rush west of the Mississippi in 1825. Madrid was once a booming coal mining town. Cerrillos, where many "westerns" have been filmed, was a bawdy town with 21 saloons in the mining heyday of the 1880's.

The first town you reach is Golden. The guidebooks say to stop at the small shop on the north of town for the key to the church. Alas that is no longer so. Even over the chainlink fence, you can sense the power that religion plays in the New Mexican culture.

Madrid [pronounced MAD-rid], a town of old frame houses, unusual in the "land of adobe," became a ghost town in the 1950's when the mining stopped. It has since been revitalized by an influx of artists and craftsmen. The shops are chic, but the best meal in town is at The Mine- shaft Tavern, which still has its original 40 foot long bar made from logs and, despite its derelict appearance, good food.